My First Experience

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 My First Experience

My dad was the coach of the local under 11s football team. He had woken me up for a thrilling, competitive strong game of football, but there was one problem: I can’t play football! When he mentioned this to me I was confused, scared and apprehensive. “Why have you picked someone like me?” I said nervously to my dad.  

 The reason for my dad picking me was because the team were unable to gather up eleven players. This sounded very honest and reasonable. They had to be short of players to pick someone like me I couldn’t even remember the last time I had kicked a football.

    The smell of cut, fresh grass was diffusing the air while the zephyr was blowing against my cheeks. Three men were wrapping the goals up in nets and another man painting the pitch white. I stood with a woolly hat and mittens keeping my ears and hands warm from the freezing cold air. Suddenly, a great big thump had hit me straight in the head it felt like a punch but even worse like a double Decker bus. I was dazed and stung from ear to cheek bone down. I managed to look up and there were ten boys giggling at the incident and for some reason me.  A boy had hit me with a football “What was that for?” I said softly.

 Then another boy with ginger hair and baggy jeans laughed and said, “ Don’t answer back!”

For a long, cruel 10 minutes I felt like a comedy programme on television, ten mean looking boys just staring at me laughing. I then was asked the hardest question of my life “ what position do you play?”

  I mumbled for about thirty seconds and then the ginger kid shouted, “ he doesn’t know!”

 They started discussing the impossible about me scoring a goal today or even touching the actual football said one boy. This boy said I’m unlucky that I have to play Duncan Fc the hardest, broadest and the most physical team in the league. After I had heard this, my mind went blank I thought to myself what have I let myself in for playing football. At this point I thought of as many good excuses as a could but nothing was good enough now I’ve met the boys and I’ve promised my dad that I’m willing to put a pair of size 6 football boats on and play football.

Join now!

 A young boy approached he seemed the same height as me, same built, he was also wearing gloves and mittens just like me. He stood there silent, nervous and worried.

So I said “why do you look so unsettled?”

“ I’m not sure if you wanted me to speak to you or not” He said. He then offered me a sweet; I deposited it on my tongue and sucked. As I was sucking on this sweet this boy was watching me, he looked like he was waiting for something. At first I thought he wanted money but he started ...

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