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My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover.

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Robert Browning Poetry Lee Taylor My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover 'Discuss the male speakers attitudes to the women that they are remembering and how Browning uses language to convey these attitudes' Robert Browning was a poet who wrote poems between the Victorian period concerned with attitudes towards men and women and the way they were treated. Robert was an English poet born in London in 1882-1889 noted for his mastery of dramatic monologue. In his best works people from the past reveal their thoughts and lives as if speaking or thinking aloud. Robert Browning wrote about things the people in them days thought to be morally wrong like s*x and violence. Robert aimed to question his readers emotionally and also question the readers morality. The poem 'My Last Duchess' was Published 1842 and the poem is based on the life of Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara in the sixteenth century. The Dukes first wife died after three years of marriage. The poem is written in the form of the Duke addressing another Count to negotiate marriage terms and he tells the Count how he wants her to behave. ...read more.


The speaker is addressing another count whose daughter he wishes to make his second wife. The Duke is telling the count that he doesn't want her to be like his first wife 'though his fair daughter's self as I avowed at starting, is my object' suggesting for her not to be like his first wife. The speaker's character throughout the poem is a one of a powerful man who is proud. The duke knows what he wants and he demands respect. The Duke also wants his wife to appreciate the high status and he has high expectations. The Duke had great admiration of the painting and is a big lover of art. The Duke likes the sense of power and feels people are scared of him 'and seemed as they would ask me, if they durst' implying that people are scared of him. The Duke is very quick on his judgement on his lady's behaviour accusing her of flirting. The Duke wants his women to be sensible, respectful, have pride in themselves, be aware of her status and naturally no what is expected of them. The Duke wants his women to be beautiful, have gratitude and appreciate his power and status. ...read more.


' And spread, o'er all, her yellow hair, murmuring how she loved me.' This over powering feeling leads him to kill her so the feeling remains forever. I think that the speaker seems to have mental problem as he thinks it was the right thing to do and this signifies there is some kind off mental problem with him an that he maybe mentally ill. But it may just be saying that it he has never been in love and cant bare to loose her. This character shows a dark side of him and the way the tone changes shows the resemblance of another personality with his mental illness. In both poems Browning's use of language really shows the characters attitudes in depth. It gives a mysterious feel about them, which then entices you to the monologue. I feel this is to add excitement to the poems. Due to the fact that in the Victorian times, the issues he addresses I both poems were morally wrong and gave you an insight it to something you had never read or experienced before. ...read more.

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