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My mum storming out the room, I get up so slowly every morning it's the same a yawn wipe my eyes get up and stretch. I put my clothes on to go and see my horse to feed him.

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"Adam, Adam get up u lazy lump," says my mum. Letting out a groan with my head in my pillow replying, "Oh 5 minutes please I'm too tired and anyway it's only like seven isn't it." "No it's not actually its half past seven," she mutters annoyed. "What? Why didn't you come in earlier? Oh if I'm late it's your fault" "No, you're the one who wouldn't go to bed last night, Oh no mum it's only half past ten 5 minutes, every night it's the same and I've had enough," my mum exclaims. "Alright I can't be bothered with an argument just leave it its too early in the morning for that." My mum storming out the room, I get up so slowly every morning it's the same a yawn wipe my eyes get up and stretch. ...read more.


I put my aftershave on for the ladies of course you have to smell nice. I go and clean my teeth and realize its quarter past eight. It's all quick quick come on going to be late from there I quickly grab my wax for my hair doing it always is a trip round the block and back takes me so long. I run down stairs grabbing my bag and packed lunch on the way stumbling over putting my shoes on. I quickly jump in the car my mum is in silence, I question, "Is everything alright mum?" "No it's not" she answers with a sharp tongue, "Oh please don't shout mum." Then she's off and there's no stopping a mother when she gets started, I just let it go in one ear and out the other because I am a firm believer of if it's not one thing it's your mother. ...read more.


On the way home we always stop at the shops its really standard procedure. I get home the first thing I do is get changed and go and ride my horse. Taking him for a gallop he goes mad it's such a buzz riding a horse and so stress relieving unless you fall off that is. Sometimes I choose to see my friends but if I have homework to do that's always the main priority. Struggling to take myself up the stairs I'm so tired collapsing on my bed struggling to keep my eyes open all there is to hear is "DINNER" being shouted round the house. Sat down at the dinner table what's for dinner my favorite Lasagne. Finishing that dinner I always help my mum clear up after dinner, then when it's all cleared up I go on msn for an hour or so and talk to my friends then it turns around half past ten, "ADAM!" "OH NO, it starts" ADAM ZIELKE 10ZC ENGLISH COURSEWORK ...read more.

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