My story. Elnax came out of the kitchen quickly, sure that Borzilons agitation had something to do with her experiments.

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My Story

When his wife called out to him with obvious excitement, Elnax came out of the kitchen quickly, sure that Borzilon’s agitation had something to do with her experiments. He was careful to pretend to be interested in his wife’s work in order not to appear ignorant, but in actuality he knew and understood little of it.

“Yes, dear, what is it?” he asked sweetly when he reached his wife’s study. “Is your project going well?”

“It is finished. Look at it!”

Elnax was puzzled when Borzilon pointed towards an ordinary rectangular box. He had seen her working on it for several weeks but had never asked what it was supposed to be. Even now, completed, it did not seem much.

“That box? That’s what you have been working on all this time? And that’s why you called me away from making dinner?”

His annoyance was obvious.

“Look closer, Elnax,” Borzilon remained patient. “Don’t you see?”

“Do you mean the picture on the front?”

“Of course, I mean the picture. Don’t you see that it’s moving?”

“Yes, certainly. If it weren’t flat and gray and so very small, I’d be reminded of an entertainment machine, but even the one we have is much better than that thing, and ours certainly is an ancient model.”

“My dear Elnax, you still don’t understand. I know that our entertaining machines are not only three-dimensional with sound and smell but . . .”

“There is a new model with touch, too, I heard,” the man interrupted dreamily. “Do you think we could get one like that? It would make everything so much more exciting. Imagine, being right there in the middle, touching and being touched . . .”

Borzilon did not wait until her husband finished his reverie.

“Elnax,” she said sharply, “this is not a small edition of our entertaining machines. It is a receiver for transmittals from the planet Prux.”

“Prux? What are you talking about? There is no planet with that name!”

Borzilon smiled gently at her husband’s ignorance.

“Not in this solar system, my love. Prux belongs to the system of Provog. Some time ago, quite by accident, I became interested in that star and its planets. And do you know what I found out?”

Elnax knew that this was a rhetorical question, and he managed to look expectantly at his wife even though he knew he was in for a boring lecture.

“It is an amazing coincidence. Provog is the same size as our sun. Prux is the third planet in its solar system, just like our Earth. It is almost identical to Earth in every respect its distance from Provog is almost the same as the distance from the Earth to the Sun, its diameter, its weight, its density, all correspond. Its temperature and atmosphere are almost exact duplicates of our own and what is probably most important, it rotates at the same speed as our planet.”

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The man was thinking how difficult it was to be married to a brilliant scientist who expected her husband to take an interest in her work.

“So what?” he asked and found it almost impossible to stifle a yawn.

“Don’t you see, Elnax?” In spite of her husband’s lack of interest, Borzilon was eager to explain everything in detail. “I thought if there were a chance for human beings to have developed on the same lines as we did, it would be there, on that planet. With the help of teaching machines, I discovered some unusual rays from Prux ...

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