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The blade glistened in the moonlight, and the air chilled against my skin. It was time.

Slash: the blade was now red, deep red. My second kill was a lot easier than the first, but it’s not over. The body is starting to smell now, I guess I should leave, then I can tell you why I killed for the second time tonight, and the second time in my life.

 I’m back in my car I need to visit someone, I can smell the blood on my clothes, it’s a dark night the air is heavy the moons gone now, only the broken street lamps to show me the way, but it will do, it will have to do.

 So now I’ll explain what’s going on and why I killed someone. I started the day like any other and went to work like normal, but when I got home, something was wrong, I couldn’t hear my kids shouting and playing like they normally do, in fact I couldn’t hear anything just a dead silence. Something was wrong. I could feel it in the air.

 I opened the door and instantly I knew something was wrong and nothing was how it should be. Lucas and Jake weren’t shouting and playing as they normally are and my beautiful wife Brooke wasn’t here to welcome me home. I walked carefully through the entrance hall into the living room and then I saw it something I’ll never forget till the day I die, my wife and kids on the floor dead in a pool of blood, their faces so pure and honest, what’s going on who could have done this, who would do this, which sick people would brutally murder unarmed children. I could hear something in the other room. I took out the baton that was in my pocket and followed the sound.

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 I walked into another room and saw someone crawling on the floor. Covered with blood everywhere it was my neighbour Nathan badly wounded but definitely still alive. I walked towards him: he looked bad. Maybe I should have tried help him but I needed to know who had done this first. Before he died, he told me one name and an address. I gathered my things and covered my family I took each one to their bedrooms and laid them there, I then took a knife I had in my drawer and pocketed it. After finishing in my house I ...

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