Name Essay. Gerringer Carrington OBryant is a mouthful. It is random; it is unique; it contains no history; it has no meaning; yet it is the best name I could ask for.

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Gerringer O’Bryant

AP Language and Composition

Mrs. Hoots

18 November 2012

The Inimitable Name

        Gerringer Carrington O’Bryant, what a mouthful. The name’s uniqueness evokes a sense of history, tradition, even heritage. Surely a name such as this is derived from a rich family legacy passed down through generations. Countless times I have been told my name must have significance, as if destined for greatness, even presidential. Excited to understand its origin, I sat both my parents down and asked for its derivation. As they began speaking, my heart dropped, because they said, “Son, you are the first in this family to have this name. However, there is no true significance other than your mom flipping through the phonebook grasping at last names. The only true prerequisite is that it had to have the initials G.C.O.” After hearing this upsetting news, I realized my name has no true origin; it lacks the underlying significance associated with its grander; and ironically my name is as random as flipping open a phonebook.

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The words had barley escaped my parents’ mouths when I felt the utter disappointment associated with my name’s lack of history, absence of true significance, and the deprivation of no underlying origin. The devastation from my parents’ statement and my unwillingness to accept my name’s lack of value prompted my pursuit to find my name’s true meaning. I spent numerous hours scouring the Internet and publications to find at least a hint of meaning, yet I found nothing. I became more discouraged to learn even common names like John and Michael or James and Matthew have significant meanings, which are easily discoverable by a ...

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