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Narrative Essay - An Accident

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A Green Light Signal's - Everyone Must Leave... I still possess a picture of my grandma on the beach at Phuket, Thailand, dressed in her grey kuftan and white dupatta and the wind blowing against her and she, opening out her hands as if waiting to embrace it. Every time I take a look at this picture it reminds me of the horrific incident that followed it. Thinking of that incident I feel my pulse race up and a rage of fury in my heart but before any more of these emotions, water starts to runs down my cheek. After leaving from Phuket my grandma took my sister and me to her brother's house in Kolkata. My parents on the other hand went back to Mumbai. We spent two wonderful weeks with my grandma's brother (who is just a year older to my dad) and his two sons (both of them were around my age), Varun and Vaibhav. My sister and me had to depart as our vacation had finally come to an end and our new school year was about to start. ...read more.


At that very moment the truck took a sharp turn. Then as though someone had pressed the fast-forward button on a DVD player, from the right window I saw, the truck, coming onto us, with tremendous velocity, like a large wave approaching and engulfing a helpless child. I could only momentarily hear the shatter of windows pains and a shrieking cry of a child and before comprehending what had taken place, before I could recount what happened one of the luggage pieces knocked me out unconscious. I was woken by the sounds of loud calls and shrieking cries. Initially my vision was hazy and found myself looking out of a smashed car through a broken door - there was a huge gathering of people and a girl in the middle, in a pool of blood, whaling her lungs out., a person, eyes shut, precautiously but hurriedly being put into an ambulance and a her clothes stained. My head bulged at the sight and my I felt my heartbeat throbbing against my chest. I faintly remember a man approaching me but nothing beyond that. ...read more.


This incident almost envisaged my thoughts I experience every time I wait for a signal - a green light signal's that everyone leaves. Every time I am at the beach, I hear the waves crashing against the shore, I look back to see my grandma sitting on the beach chair unable to enjoy the activities she would have enjoyed doing, my eyes fill up with tears and my heart with anger. It feels as if she has lost half her soul in the accident and the other is crippled. If I were to find the person who did this I would never leave him. Whenever I think of him my heart beats against my chest as though a caged animal waiting to be released. This incident has had a drastic impact on my life and even more on others but has taught me a valuable lesson - "life's too short, enjoy it to the fullest". Narrative Writing Draft 1 Word Count - 1,064 words Jash Choraria IX C ?? ?? ?? ?? Kuftan - a long robe or dress Dupatta - a piece of cloth, resembling a muffler worn around your neck with Indian clothes ...read more.

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