Night of the scorpion and blessing

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In 'Night of the scorpion' it is about a place where the poet's mother was stung by mother. Nissim Ezekeil describes what happened to his mother on that night and what the reactions of people were. This all creates an image of a place in the reader's mind. Similarly, in 'Blessing' the poet creates an image of a place where there is a lot of importance for water. He mentions the reactions of people as well which makes'Blessin' and 'Night of the scorpion' similar.

The theme of the poems are different. In 'Night of the scorpion' the main theme is the religion and their beliefs. On the other hand, in 'Blessing' the main theme is necessity of water. Although the themes are different, they still relate as they both bring in poor stuff such as in 'Blessing' they bring in “pots and mugs” to get as much water as possible. On the other hand, in 'Night of the scorpion' when the poets mother got sting by the scorpion, the neighbours came in with “candles and lanterns” which shows that these poems relate to a poor cummunity.

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Th language used in both poems is similar. In 'Night of the scorpion' religious language is used. When the poet's mother was stung by a scorpion, the “peasants came” and all they did was buzzing the “name of God a hundred times”/ They believed in the theory of recarnation as they were talking about “previous” and “next” birth which creates an image in our heads about the place. Its Hinduism as they believe in the theory of recarnation and they also think that if something bad is happening to you, its due to the sins you commited in your ...

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