NO to animal testing

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End to Animal Testing         Thousands each day, millions each year died due to testing. These animals are used in laboratories to test chemicals in products and also used in research for the study of diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Unfortunately, the prices that these animals had to pay were too much for them to handle, tremendous suffering, and most often death. The legislation established by the government, guidelines for animal testing in laboratories does not apply to every animal. There are still many who question whether or not animal testing is actually reliable in research for human products and diseases. The issue of animal testing becomes a big question, whether it’s humanly to do animal testing for human benefits? Humans are harming animals in testing without even knowing whether or not
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the lives of these animals were just wasted. Animal testing is cruel and unfair to animals.        The human hand controls the life of these animals; we gave them death after we used them for our benefits. The Draize test and the LD-50 tests are the most common types of product testing. The Draize test is done to measure the harmfulness of a chemical by observing its effect on the eyes and skin of animals. This test is mainly used to test chemicals in cosmetics. Animal’s eyes are checked for redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, bleeding, cloudiness, or blindness. Animals have been ...

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