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"Notes on The Great Gatsby" chapter 7.

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Chapter 7: * Gatsby ends all of his parties (which were set primarily to impress Daisy). He also fires his servants, in order to prevent gossip and replaces them with people that are connected to Meyer Wolfshiem. * Nick joins Tom and Daisy in East Egg for lunch and finds Gatsby and Jordan there. * Gatsby discovers that Daisy has a daughter and is stunned. * Gatsby and Daisy cannot hide their love for one another. As Tom leaves the room, Daisy approaches Gatsby and kisses him. * Tom discovers the emotions shared between Daisy and Gatsby as Gatsby stares passionately at Daisy at the table. ...read more.


This shows that Gatsby's obsession with recovering the past with Daisy as he orders Daisy to tell Tom that she has ever loved him. However, Tom mentions the past between Daisy and himself toremind her that she does have feelings for him. * More conflict is caused when Tom accuses Gatsby of running a bootlegging operation. - Tom had revealed his knowledge of Gatsby's illegal acitivites in front of everyone and the reader in order for everyone to feel disrespect for Gatsby. * During the confrontation, Tom's sexism and insincerity become clearer and more meddlesome. - He has no moral fears about his affair, however when he is faced with his wife's unfaithfulness, he acts the position of an outraged victim. ...read more.


* When they have returned to Nick's house, Nick discovers Gatsby hiding in the bushes. - Gatsby has been waiting there in order to make sure that Tom does not hurt Daisy. * The image created of Gatsby watching outside of Tom and Daisy's house is an enduring image as the reader is allowed to look past the crimes and functions made by Gatsby as a moving metaphor to the love that Gatsby feels toward Daisy. * Gatsby reveals to Nick that it was Daisy driving the car that struck Myrtle, but Gatsby took the blame. (shows the deep love that he still feels for her and illustrates the goodness that defines his character). * Gatsby asks Nick to check on Daisy and Tom and notices that they have reconciled their differences. ...read more.

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