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Of death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller says, "…it is really a love story between a man and his son, and in a crazy way, between both of them and America".

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Of death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller says, "...it is really a love story between a man and his son, and in a crazy way, between both of them and America" Arthur Miller wrote the play 'Death of a Salesman' in 1949. Arthur Miller wrote many plays such as 'All of My Sons' and 'The Crucible'. 'Death of A Salesman' is about the relationship between w***y Loman, the father, Biff and Happy, the two sons of w***y. The play is also about the American Dream; the idea of being a success and being wealthy, as there are many influences around the Loman's family. The first thing that is striking about the essay title is the phrase "a love story". This essay could be considered as a love story because the play is about the ups and downs of the relationships between w***y and his two sons, Biff and Happy. The word 'love' is used because for example in marriages there are always problems, which can lead to the break up of a relationship, and some are resolved making the relationship stronger. This is a resemblance of w***y and his sons, as his relationship with them weakens and strengthens. This is shown by these two quotes, " I'm not interested in...any c**p...boys, you understand? ...read more.


It is clear that w***y believes that Biff should have a good education because he was very concerned when he came to find out that Biff was flunking maths. This links with the American Dream because having a good education gives more chance of a person being successful, w***y wants Biff to become a businessman and this is portrayed when he responds very positively to Biffs interview, "Lick the world!" (p45), this shows that w***y is an ambitious person. This gives an image of a very responsible and caring man on behalf of w***y because he wants the best for his son. You can also tell that w***y is concerned for Biffs education because when w***y finds out that Biff has flunked math, he turns his conversation with Biff into a riot," You had to go and flunk math!" (p82). w***y may want the best for Biff but sometimes is not very successful in conveying his message to Biff, as Biff does not take the matter too seriously. Due to w***y's consistent nagging, Biff doesn't like it and repels more away form his dad. Also when he talks about his dad, considered that he repels him he talks about w***y in a negative way, "Jesus, maybe he smashed up the car again" (p8). ...read more.


Bernard represents an example for the Loman's, " When I was seventeen I walked into the jungle and when I was twenty-one I walked out. And by god I was rich" (p32). He is an example of a success and an influence for Happy and Biff. Linda plays a part in the 'love story' between Biff and w***y because she plays a positive role. This is because she is the one who brings them closer when their bond weakens. A good example of this is when she tells w***y that the children left the house early which was good news for w***y, "They were out of here by eight o' clock" (p50). This quote is good because Linda talks very positively, making w***y feel pleased about his sons. It is easy to say that w***y was glad because he responded positively, "Good work!" (p50). I agree with the title of this essay because being a successful businessman affects the relationship of people as one person forces another to be work hard and be successful as was the case with w***y and Happy. Sometimes this message being conveyed is not done very effectively, and so the relationship between the two weakens. There are many influences around these people and others just try to help to bring the people closer. The love story and the American Dream are directly proportional, as the love gets stronger, so does the successfulness. 2,302 words ...read more.

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