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Of Mice and Men - 5 Diary Entries

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Diary Entry1 We travelled from Weed today. God d**n bus driver dropped us off 'least 10 miles from the ranch and told me it was just down the road. God if I see that d**n driver I'd break his neck. Me and Lennie found a nice place to sleep for the night. If Lennie hadn't been so God d**n stupid we'd still be up in Weed rollin in the cash but Lennie had to do somethin' wrong didn't he, dumb b*****d, jst like he always does. Every thing was goin; O.K in Weed and I'll be damned if we can find a better place than that to work at. I sure hope Lennie don't go grabbin' no other girls just to feel a d**n dress. I'll never be able to fix up a stake if that dumb b*****d stays dumb forever. I love Lennie but it's hard movin' from ranch to ranch with him there all the time. I've told him if he gets in any more trouble to come back to this very spot in the brush. Lennie sure is stupid, earlier he was carrying a dead mouse just to pet it. I dont know what i'm gonna do with him every time he gets upset I have to tell him that dumb story about the house where we will have rabbits and an alfalfa patch and he can pet the stupid rabbits. ...read more.


I know that Lennie would never mean to cause any trouble but if Curley starts i'm gonna let Lennie fight back coz guys like Curley need to be taught a lesson. I ain't sittin' back and watching Curley beat up Lennie coz that ain't right. Curley's wife worries me aswell coz Lennie really likes her and he could get into real trouble if he does somethin' like in Weed. Candy told me that she always eyein' all the guys up. The thing that really gets to me is that Curley's wife might give Lennie the eye and he might do somethin' stupid, I just hope he doesn't. Diary Entry 3. Today Candy was listenin' in on me and Lennie havin' a chat, normally I don't like people listenin' in on me but Candy had somethin' interesting to say. He wanted to join the little dream me and Lennie 'ave got of gettin' our own little place and land and a few crops an' animals. He's got $350 to help buy the land. Since he aint no harm and he's probabally gonna die soon we decided to let him come. The dream that was just a dream is now comin' to reality just coz that old man Candy. ...read more.


Curley agreed not to tell anyone, so hopefully all that is all settled. I thought that would of ended our chance of the dream. Diary Entry 5. I was right in what i did wasn't I? If they caught Lennie they would strap him up in a cage in one of those nut houses. It was the right thing to do! If Curley had caught him he would of tortured him and made him die a slow death. Atleast when i shot him he was happy and peaceful thinkin' about the dream and not scared. Now Lennies gone im gonna be just like any other ranch worker, lonely and without a loving friend, it's gonna take me a while to come to terms with what i've done, killed my only and best friend. Me and Candy aint gonna carry on with the dream, theres jus' no point Lennie was the life and soul of the dream now he's gone so has the dream. No doubt Candy will be upset and miserable but there ain't nothin' I can do about that. Slim and Carlson took me for a drink and told me that it wasn't my fault and that I had to do it, I guess they're right after all it was me or Curley and I ain't lettin Curley touch Lennie. I probably gonna move on to a different ranch and carry on workin' somewhere else alone. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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