Of mice and men

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“Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck Coursework Essay

Examine the relationship between George and Lennie and say how they differ from other itinerant workers of the time.

During economical down turn in the 1930s a worker would have to migrate to California from other parts of America in order to survive and try and escape failing in business, harsh poverty and unemployment. The great depression started when a series of droughts and failed crops occurred.

A standard migrant worker would travel alone to a different ranch in a short term and continuously move in a short term, each worker was paid just about enough to survive therefore it was hard to start a ranch of their own. For a migrant worker, working at a ranch was the only suitable and available type of job. The majority had a dream for a better life even though it was a great obstacle getting there. Every migrant worker was lonely and isolated; it was common to find a worker so distant from one another due to jealousy.

However George and Lennie were very different or even the opposite. Overall they did not travel alone but travelled together, they worked as a team and suited each other on account of George being smart and Lennie being tough and well built for the ranch therefore they were a perfect set together. George and Lennie were not distant and have each other also they both share a dream together unlike the other itinerant workers in the ranch that share a dream alone, for example Curley’s wife being isolated and lonely resembling the majority of the ranch also had a dream. Knowing that Curley’s wife’s dream of being a film star was unachievable she could not move on without being isolated and miserable in antithesis to George and Lennie’s dream.

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Firstly George and Lennie have a father-son/parent-child relationship. “George looked sharply at him. What’d you take outa your pocket?”; in similarity to a father figure George questions Lennie strictly furthermore Lennie denies the fact the he is holding a dead mouse, “aint a thing in my pocket”, the fact that he denies it resembles the son relationship Lennie has with George. Subsequently George yells “give it here!” in a demanding manner, yet again clearly illustrating the father son-relationship. Moreover George and Lennie have an owner-pet relationship in contrast to Candy’s sheep dog. Not only George is demanding but he is ...

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