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OF MICE AND MEN - CURLEY'S WIFE DIARY ENTRY Dear Diary Hello there, welcome to my thoughts and events of my life. It's being really hard living in this ranch. No-on talks to me and curley treats me like piece of dirt. I don't know what the people on the ranch think of me. I really, really want to leave because first of all I am the only women in the ranch. I never get to talk to nobody or so I get awful lonely, secondly I am married to curley, whom others are scared of, so they don't talk to me and I can't talk to nobody but Curley. So I only dress really sexy to get attention or even get someone to notice I am there or exist even. I feel my isolation in the ranch is increasing because Curley hardly gives me time to speak to him or even express my feelings. This makes me the loneliest person in the world. As a kid I wanted to work in the movies and make something out of myself but that never came true. ...read more.


I liked Lennie because he was looking at me as if he was admiring me while I was talking to ask others if they had seen Curley. But the other guy George just gave me a straight answer 'he was here a minute ago but he went' and did not even say hi. By the expression and the answers George gave me straight away showed his rude side and wanted me to leave the room. I just left the room straight away. This made me very upset and I think in the ranch no-one likes me because I am a woman or is it because of the way I dress. More often this kind of things happen and make me upset at even being a woman. I went to look for Curley everywhere but I ended up in crooks doorway and saw three people talking to each other - Lennie, Candy and Crook. I said 'any you boys seen Curley?' The response I got from candy was very bitter and really cold. ...read more.


(n****r) Crook must have felt left out as much as I did. I had no choice but to use that against him which must have made him really sad as well because he said 'Yes, ma'am' straight away. I like to speak to Lennie because he is like a big baby. He would be a nice friend to talk to or just being yourself. He is not all moody and strict. I would really love to bust Curley up for the time that he does not have for me as his wife and companion. I would never have married him in the first place if I had more choices and opportunities in my life. I wish I never married Curley and would have not ended up in ranch full of men and no woman. Why was I born a woman to live this awful and unpleasant life where I am so lonely and without a friend in the world to come to my defence and take me away from this life. What would happen to me? Who would come to rescue me? Who would be my friend? ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 NASIRA SAFI DIARY ENTRY OF CURELY'S WIFE ...read more.

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