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Of Mice and Men Animal Imagery Chart

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Quote Where quote is found Effect of quote "Of Mice and Men." Title comes from the poem, "To a Mouse." The reason the title comes from the poem, is that the poem tells us that no matter how powerful you are there is always something more powerful there to destroy you. "Rabbits." Lennie and Georges Dream. Rabbits are mentioned a lot in the novel as this is part of Lennie and George's dream. The rabbits are included because Lennie likes petting soft things and looking after small animals. Rabbits would be a good animal for Lennie as they are not too small for him to pet and would not bite him. "Snorting into the water like a Horse." ...read more.


Chapter 1 - when Lennie and George drink from the green pool. Lennie is, again, described as a large animal, like a bear, he plays with the water. This is also childish. "Strong as a bull." Chapter 2 - when George is talking with the boss to secure their jobs. This quote shows that Lennie is the strength of the pair and George is the brains. It also tells us that Lennie is potentially dangerous and this could be a warning of things that are to come. "The dirty little rat." Chapter 3 - Slim calls Curley it when he attacks Lennie for no reason. Curley is portrayed as a rat because he always picks on the weakest ones and makes cheap blows. ...read more.


Lennie is portrayed as a dog, this shows that like a dog Lennie would be nothing without his master, George and that he would be tied up and would end up causing trouble and being killed, in reference to being tied up. "He shook her and her body flopped like a fish." Chapter 5 - When Lennie kills Curley's wife. Curley's wife is described as a fish in the way its body flops helplessly when out of water. This shows the difference in her strength compared to Lennie. "He came as silently as a creeping bear moves." Chapter 6 - When Lennie goes back to the brush after killing Curley's wife. Lennie is described as a creeping bear, insinuating that he is like a bear, very cumbersome and not being very quiet, but is attempting to be silent. ...read more.

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