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How does Charles Dickens build tension in chapter 47

The writer Charles Dickens is one of the most famous English  of the Victorian era. He began his writing career with being a journalist. When being a journalist he drew sketches of characters which seemed real. They were related to the people he saw and talked with in his society. He was fond of reading picaresque novels of Tobias Smollett and Henry Fielding as a child. The novel he wrote about Oliver Twist was first a sketch of an orphan who was abandoned by the state in a magazine. His novels were often based on the society and the people he had met. He was a harsh critic of the poverty and social stratification of the Victorian society. Oliver Twist had many purposes that are brought up through Oliver's journey. This novel brought forward the issue of poverty, selfishness, capitalism, social welfare and child labour. One other very important reason why this novel was written was because he wanted to criticize the poor laws during the Victorian time. This is as the middle class people believed that people were poor because they were sinful and corrupt. Charles Dickens tried to show the middle class people through his novel that this was not true.

Charles Dickens literacy techniques in the novel ‘Oliver Twist’ provided the readers with a portrait of a young boy so good that his values are never changed. Even by cruel orphanages. This technique he used in his books created an image for the reader of the characters in his book. In this case it created sympathy by the readers towards Oliver Twist. He also employs lots of coincidences in his books. For example in the book ‘Oliver Twist’ Oliver turns out to be the lost nephew of the upper class family which rescues him from the dangers of the pickpocket group. Charles Dickens always tries to show that good will always wins. Charles Dickens creates lots of tension throughout the book. The chapter I’m going to look at is chapter 47. In this chapter he creates tension through the language he uses. His style of writing created tension. This is as he would leave the reader with a description of something or a situation without writing what it is.  

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The novel ‘Oliver Twist’ was Charles Dickens second novel. Oliver Twist was born into a life of poverty and misfortune. Oliver was an orphan nearly from birth as his mother died as soon as he was born and his father left with an unexplained absence. Oliver spent the first nine years of his life at a baby farm in the care of a woman named Mrs. Mann along with other juvenile offenders. So Oliver is brought up in the poor-laws of the society and with little food and few comforts. The desperate hungry group of boys decided later on ...

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