One love in Amsterdam

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One love in Amsterdam Netherlands

Ethan get over here, I am tired where here in Amsterdam, I did not want to come, in fact I never wanted to come here.

Who am I kidding I am in Amsterdam, why not enjoy whilst you have time.

Anyway, better get unpacking once we reach the hotel, cause dad and I are going to watch Ajax entertain PSV Eindhoven tomorrow, anyway enough about that I going to bed.

In the morning, I felt things under my bed covers I could not work out what they were, but in a way it felt like a bad dream, I couldn’t move so I shouted mom! Dad! Help!

They rushed straight to my room. I could not believe it, roaches in my bed huge gigantic roaches was this my imagination (I thought this cannot be, it is impossible I have never seen anything like this before, I was speechless) or a dream. No it was very real not a dream it was all real. I was so frightened that was the only thing I was thinking about from that time. I hoped something else, would capture my mind, other than a hotel is infested with Cockroaches. We immediately left the hotel we planned ahead and booked a taxi, to the Amsterdam five star hotel. We reach there we were amazed at the Quality of the hotel. we booked in and decided to burn our clothes like a bon fire, and have a fresh new start and settled in later. I was there Amsterdam arena with my dad; it has never been the same between dad and I. He has never trusted me since I was expelled from school.

We entered the arena and there were huge crowds of people like I couldn’t believe, it was unbelievable. We went to the checkpoint whilst I was there. I spotted this gorgeous black girl, good looking fit and extremely gorgeous.

I was speechless as if my mom gave my slap on the cheek; I could not stop thinking about her I kept hearing my dad was calling me.

I had to ignore him cause I just too focused, It felt empty around as if I was floating in an empty world of mine just her and me.

Inside of me I felt like shouting all my anger and bringing love in me.

I kept on starring, trying to communication, eye contact, whilst my dad calling me,

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her I couldn’t blink. From then on I thought I have to make some sort of Approach.

She was just too irresistible I just thought she’s mine, still starring at each other I knew that there was something special.

Suddenly we both started walking towards the door side ways facing each other, bumping in to people, exiting the arena thinking of what to say, we approached each other as if we have never seen a person before.

Hi, she responded hi, ‘I could tell she was a bit shy, anyway I do not mind shy girls.

My name is Ethan but my friends call me big Ethan. Now would they call a handsome guy like you big Ethan, because I am, big, cuddly and strong. My prediction was wrong she was not shy at all.

What is your name young lady, Jasmine, my name is jasmine but you can call anything you want. So what is a beautiful girl like you doing here, why thank you, I’m here with a couple of friends, are your friends as beautiful as you are.

She never answered the question, it was a bit strange, and I felt unsecure from that point, I couldn’t feel the trust, between us.

Here they come they approached me the way jasmine and I approached each other.

One of the girls was whispering I could make out what she was saying.

The girls looked shy, because there were hiding behind jasmines back, as if they had never seen humans before. Girls this is Ethan, hi Ethan. Ethan that is Monica, Lisa and Vanessa.

They all started to giggle, don’t worry they always do this when they see handsome boy like you. So you must be Vanessa, jasmine was just talking about you, as I was moving along greeting them and I take it your Lisa hello Ethan, and you must be the lovely Monica boy you are charming.

Every time I shacked one of the girls’ hands I could see a warning in their eyes, I do not know why it happened it must have been my imagination.

Vanessa was half cast girl with plated hair with streaks running down the hair great personality, identical to jasmine except the face totally different from each other.

The great thing was they all did not have a childish act, they acted like adults.

Because I remember when I was at school they all used to say oh boy I hate boy,

That still goes in schools.

The other thing was, they were extremely good looking and much more fitter.

So ladies can I take you out for drink sure.

In me I said to my elf this is my night.

Follow me ladies, we walked to the nearest Dutch restaurant, the BJÖRDWING café.

It looked like one of that American silver with seventies style writing, carriages like the one in back to the future with tight leather seats, there called dinners.

Just remembered something girls, I have to call him on the mobile al else he’ll be worried sick about me.

When calling, I saw the girl’s giggling gossiping boy they might even think I am a daddy’s boy or even mommy’s boy.

Oh dad it me Ethan, Ethan were have you been I’ve been worried sick, don’t worry, don’t what was meant to think when you left, I am fine dad.

Son I want you back here now, but, no but, no what did you say, no leave me alone since I was twelve you been treating me like a baby but I’m not a child any more I’m

You’ve never given me a chance a live independently I’m seventeen years old.

From then I had hang the telephone, in me I could feel pain the pain. When you feel that person a you love won’t give you a chance, I felt liked my heart would burst with anger, and my veins popping out like a hulk. I sat down hiding the expression on my face that I had when speaking on the telephone. So ladies what may a get you ladies?

Vanessa responded rapidly saying you can get me anything you want, everyone just looked at her, especially jasmine, I could see it in her sparking eyes how she felt,

Personally, I felt that Vanessa was a flirt.

I told the girls that I now places were we could go and spend some time, I told them it was a surprise.

We were walking on the streets of Amsterdam bracing ourselves. Walking in a group so at least we could defend our selves, suddenly a trump jumped right in front of use, this old raged old man, who wore a fisher mans suit with a hat, he smelt worse than the public toilets, in the high streets. A drunken mad person had not shaved for a long time all this I could tell by looking at him.

Join now!

For a moment, I thought we would die. We increased our walking speed, the trump still following us.

We turned around and looked behind us, he was gone .it looked like we were too fast for him, the like light began to fade in the allay way, whilst the dark skies covering the moon as if on of us would turn in to a wolf.

We walked threw the alleyway just about to walk out of it, suddenly there was a noise, I thought was one of the girls stamped on something. Then I shouted look! Look! .

It was ...

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