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Original Writing – English Coursework

“We do this every year and it’s never any fun,” moaned Jane, the older of the three siblings.  The Wilson family were once again on the remote highways of Death Valley, USA on their way to visit David’s brother, David the father of the three children, Janet, Kevin and Rachael often took his family to visit his brother, it was sort of a tradition.  “Shut up Janet, we’re nearly there,” replied Liz who considered herself a stern but fair mother, but found it hard to ignore Janet’s constant annoyance.  “When we get there, there are only two bedrooms with two beds so me and your father are in one and Janet and Rachael have the other and Kevin you sleep on the floor.  I don’t care where,” said Liz.  Kevin was often mistreated and was unsure why, the only family member he liked and treated him well was his grandfather but he unfortunately had passed away a number of years ago.

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As they pulled into the drive David’s brother, Peter and his wife Mandy greeted them.  Mandy wasn’t liked by the Wilson family and seen as a bad influence on Peter.  She often made his decisions for him.  They got out the car and greeted the family.  “Kevin, get the bags boy,” commanded David, as the rest of the family walked inside.  Kevin was left to carry the rest of the family’s large heavy suitcases, a rather hard job for a nine year old, but Kevin was used to hard graft.

As Kevin dropped the last of the extremely ...

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