Original Writing - Prose: "What about us?"

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What About us?

“What about us?”

“Listen, I’ll still see you at weekends, and holidays.  I’m only going to be half an hour away.”

With that, I kissed both Gemma and Natalie on the cheek, and turned towards the door.  One last look over my shoulder.  My wife was standing with her arms around the kids, the same vacant look occupying her face.  The look that had been a near permanent fixture since I’d told her I was leaving.  I couldn’t believe I was doing this, saying goodbye to my wife and kids, for the prospect of a new life with less commitments and a gorgeous blonde nearly half my age.  Sometimes, when I thought about it, it still didn’t make sense.  But things hadn’t been going right with Pamela for a while, and when Helga came along I couldn’t resist her charms.  Twenty three years of age, with long flowing blonde hair, a fantastic figure and irresistible, fixating eyes.  I met her at a conference for my work a few months ago.  We got chatting, and arranged to meet again.  Now I was moving in with her.

My marriage was pretty hard going.  I loved Pamela, but simple things could trigger her off into a screaming fit.  I’d stuck it out for nearly 9 years; Gemma was eight and Natalie was six when I left.  I knew it was unfair of me to just leave them, but it was also unfair of me to stay.  Trapped in a marriage full of rows, shouting, screaming.  I thought it was better to move out.

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“Hey babe” Helga said. “I’ve made you dinner.  It’s lasagne, I know it’s your favourite.  I’m so happy we can be together properly at last, without that witch in our way.”

Dinner, I thought to myself.  There was something Pamela would never bother doing.  Lately, she’d really let herself slip.  The bright, cheery, pretty girl I’d married had turned into a grumpy, lazy slob.  

I sat down at the table.

A little later, after a delicious chicken dinner, I heard my mobile ringing.  I ran to the hall, reached into my jacket and got my phone.  I ...

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