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Charlotte Cooper 10Y

GCSE Assignment Original Writing


We gathered at the front of the school building, green railings, it looked so much more formal than my infant school.  I had only visited this school once on my induction.  I was terrified.  I stuck to my mother’s side, gripping her hand tightly, my Winnie the Pooh lunchbox in the other hand.  I held back the tears as my mother let my hand go, and I followed my friend Lucy through the school gates, she had an older brother who had lent her his school jumper, we commented on how it looked more like a dress than a jumper.  Mine was also a bit on the large side, my mother insisted I would grow into it, I never did.

We awkwardly walked onto the large playground, footballs flew, skipping ropes spun as the older children jumped over them.   I felt lost, it was almost as if I didn’t know where to look, in case I looked at the wrong person, a bully for example.  The bell rung, we never used to have bells at my old school, this was a new experience, it made me feel big. I was definitely part of a big school now.  I felt as if I had to rush off to tell my friends what was happening like it was a new piece of gossip but they were all experiencing it as well so there was no need.  Children ran and grabbed their belongings, they all knew exactly which classroom to go to, we had been told many times before today but I had forgotten.  Lucy obviously knew the way.  I followed her in.

The classroom walls were plastered in bright alphabet displays, most probably done by the older classes, A B C, all colours and patterns. I loved this room right from the start.  Children rushed to sit with their best friends, they had it all planned, I however wasn’t so sure, I decided to sit next to my friend Lizzie, we weren’t best best friends like Lucy and I, just best friends.  Our new teacher Mr Perry bounced into focus, I say bounced because he always walked with a bounce. Right through my school years he was always known as the teacher with the bounce.  He also played the accordion and whenever the teacher with the guitar was absent, he filled in to accompany our hymns at assembly.  He would always start by playing a small introduction:

Join now!

“Don’t sing” he would say, shortly followed by a dodgy accordion introduction.

“Now sing”

“All things bright and beau…”

“No, no, no, you’re out of time!”  This process would often be repeated a few times until he was satisfied.

Mr Perry was a short man with beady eyes that looked even smaller with his awful brown NHS type glasses, they were as good as sunk into his face, whenever he removed them, there would be two crater shaped things on either side of his nose.  His hair was spread across the sides of his head like carpet samples, smooth ...

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