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Oscar Wilde

Oscar O’flahertie wills Wilde was born into an Anglo Irish family on the 6th of October 1854 in Dublin. He lived at 21 Westland Row with his father Sir William Wilde and his mother Jane Francesca Elgee who was married to William Wilde. Jane Wilde was a successful writer she was also known as ‘Speranza’ and was an Irish nationalist. Sir William Wilde was Irelands leading ear and eye surgeon, he also wrote books on archaeology and folklore. 

In June 1855, when Oscar was one years of age the family moved to number one Merrion Square. This was a fashionable place to live, Jane Wilde would hold afternoon salon tea parties, and she would often invite Sheridan Le Fanu, an Irish writer of Gothic tales and mystery novels, Samuel Lever, son of Jacob lever, Isaac Butt, the founder and first leader of a number of parties and organizations, including the Irish Metropolitan Conservative Society and Samuel Ferguson, an Irish poet, barrister, antiquarian, artist and public servant. Oscar was home schooled until the age of nine, when he was nine he joined Portora Royal School in Enniskillen, Fermanagh until he was sixteen. He spent his summers with his family in Rural Waterford, Wexford and William Wilde’s family home in Mayo.

Oscar left Portora Royal School to study classics at Trinity College in Dublin from the age of sixteen to nineteen. He was a very high achiever; he won the Berkeley gold medal. This was the highest award existing to classic students at Trinity College. When he was nineteen Oscar was awarded a scholarship to Magdalen in Oxford, he studied at Magdalen college from 1874 – 1878. At Magdalen college Oscar became part of the Aesthetic movement, one of its ambitions was to make an art out of life. They believed that justification of life was the enjoyment of beauty rather than the performance of duty, which the highest beauty was to be found in art. As an aesthete Oscar Wilde had long hair and wore velvet knee breachers. His rooms were filled with lots of art, such as sunflowers, peacock feathers and blue china, Oscar claimed to want the perfection in his china. At Magdalen College he won the 1878 Newdigate prize for his poem ‘Ravenna’. He also applied to win the Chancellor’s English Essay Prize with this poem but failed. In November 1878 Oscar graduated from Magdalen with a double first in classical moderations and Literae Humaniores also known as ‘greats’.

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Oscar Wilde’s father was Sir William Robert Wills Wilde he was born on the 19th of April 1815 in Kilkeevin near Castlerea. William went to Elphin Diocesan School in Elphin, County Roscommon. William Wilde was an author of significant works on medicine, archaeology and folklore, particularly concerning his native Ireland and William was an Irish eye and ear surgeon, he opened he own surgery in Dublin providing free treatment.

He studied at Moor Fields eye hospital in London, when William was twenty-two he got a medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and at twenty-eight he graduated as a doctor.


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