Our day out

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Our Day out

Our day out is a play written by Willy Russell, It’s about unfortunate school children that go on a school trip. This play is set in the 1970’s in Liverpool.

The setting and culture makes good theatre. This is because it is set in Liverpool and the characters are poor and needy. This can create conflict and humour. We can also learn something from it E.G, what is it like to live life the way they live it. Also as it is set in the 1970’s we learn what school was like and how different it is to now a days. It also is good theatre as it has a sense of realism, something we can all relate to. Willy Russell does this by the setting the scene around a school and a coach trip. We can all relate to it as we have all been to school and most probably been on a school trip including Willy Russell; Because of this he has made it exactly what it would be like on a coach; for example, the naughty boys would be at the back of the coach doing things a shouldn’t, where as the teachers would be sitting at the front of the coach chatting.

Many of the characters in the play have strong personalities. Some of them being children, which are from the progress class. There are some adults in the play which are teachers, others are people they met on their day out for example, shop keepers, buss driver, zoo keeper…

  Our 1st impression of Mrs. Kay comes from scene 2 just before the children get on the coach. Mrs. Kay appears to be organized. “I’ll get you all sorted out.” Russell shows us that she is polite and pleasant: “Alright alright. Will you just let me have minute’s peace.” If this was a stricter teacher they would have got really angry and cross. Willy Russell gives her this sort of dialogue to show she sounds like a mother.

  As a character in general Willy Russell makes her appear as a young person. This is shown when Mrs. Kay Links arms with Carol. Also this is shown in scene 32 when Mrs. Kay is messing around with the children. Here her actions associate her with a young person in their 20’s but she can’t be this young as there are two other young teachers, Colin and Susan. Also she can’t be this young is because appears more experienced in what she does than Colin and Susan. This is shown when she gets the children in order without getting cross. Also Willy Russell Shows that she is experienced by they way she manipulates the driver and out talks Mr. Briggs in scene 31. The reason Willy Russell makes her seem young is to show her relationship between the children.

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  The difference between Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs at first is shown through pleasantness and strictness. Secondly and more importantly their differences are shown though their attitude towards education and the future of the students.

  Mr. Brigg’s attitude is shown quite strongly in parts. He shows that he has no trust in the students. This is shown in scene 31 when Mr. Briggs makes all the students go around Conway castle in groups with a member of staff. Te reason Mr. Briggs hasn’t got any trust in the students is because he is a very traditional and old ...

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