"Our Day Out". Describe a funny scene and a serious one and show how the playwright manages to affect the audience in different ways.

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Our day out: Describe a funny scene and a serious one and show how the play Wright manages to affect the audience in different ways?

 Our day out was written by Willy Russell. Willy Russell was born in , on the  outskirts, where he grew up. His parents worked in a book publisher's and often encouraged him to read. After leaving school with one  in English, he first became a ladies' hairdresser and ran his own salon. Russell then undertook a variety of jobs, also writing songs which were performed in local folk clubs. He also contributed songs and sketches to local radio programmers’. At 20 years old, he returned to college, and later , and became a teacher in the Toxteth area of Liverpool. Around this time he met his wife, Annie, and became interested in writing drama. As he grew up in Liverpool and worked in various jobs there in his adult life, he knew what it was like. He expressed this culture of negativity in his writing, giving a ‘voice’ to these people, who he had affection for and understanding of.


The play 'Our Day Out' is about a group of under achieving kids, who go for a day out to Wales with two teachers.   On one side we have the very strict male teacher Mr Briggs, who intends the kids to have a bright future and wants them to always learn. On the other hand we have a very soft hearted and Sympathetic  teacher Mrs Kay, who knows that the children will not get very far in life, so they might as well enjoy themselves.  This play tells a very important message about the different techniques of teaching the two teachers use.

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The two main teachers in the play are Mrs kays is lovely and caring, kind-hearted lady, and she cares deeply for the children the head teacher doesn't trust Mr kays because he wanted Briggs to go on the visit to keep discipline as he knows mrs kay allows the children do what there want as she wants the children to have fun but we also know that he also thinks that that she is a good teacher and in favour of the way she teachers because he says to Briggs '' Theres not many of her type y'know.'' were as ...

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