Pastiche of Animal Farm

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The main objective of this political struggle/oppression related, text production was to write a short story pastiche with a writing technique similar to the one used by George Orwell in his book Animal Farm. In this story lions and animals were used to symbolize Americans and Muslims respectively. Like Orwell’s book this short story is biased propaganda, only here it is the Americans who stand target while in Animal farm it was the communists being literally attacked. The audience should be (if to make any sense) Muslims. Being read to young children this would be effective if you seek an American hostility feeling in your society but also grown ups would be affected reading symbolism. To someone who knows what this is about it is clear that much in this story is, if not untrue, at least overly exaggerated to make the Americans look bad. Still it is very possible that it has an effect on the person. Already in the title, “How the evil lions destroyed the jungle” one figures that lions are evil. The reason for this obvious bias was not to criticize Americans. Rather, it was to make the reader understand that symbolism is a powerful weapon that anybody can use.

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How the evil lions destroyed the jungle.

Once upon the time there was a jungle where all animals lived happily together. The animals prayed to God and in return God rewarded the animals with happy lives and sent them to paradise when they died.

Not far from the jungle there was a savanna where the evil lions lived. Their leader who lived in a big ...

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