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Persuasive letter to headteacher

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Persuasive letter 28 York Road, Hastings East Sussex TN34 4HH Dear Mr Jarman, I am writing to you in regards to some of the school rules and systems I think need to be discarded or altered. Firstly, I am rather displeased with the food supplied in the canteen. I have this negative opinion because I feel that you are making profit on the stock sold, and I don't feel this is fair on us, don't you agree? I feel that the price is unsuitable for all of the consumers involved. I understand that me saying that you must make a profit on your stock sold is out of the question because schools are not able to do this, but surely if the food is as expensive as it is for the quality is it, then you should seriously consider changing your provider. I propose to solve this vivid problem in school that firstly, you think over the money side to things, and then worry about the quality after. I feel that but solving this day to day obstacle for students, that more people would be encouraged to buy from the canteen. ...read more.


Another system I believe you should alter for the schools benefit is the terms and conditions for the use of mobile phones, IPods, MP3's ECT. Myself along with the majority of pupils, disagree with is system. Because, if instead of them being completely banned they could be restricted to certain times and places during the school day. Wouldn't you agree they if they were not used in lessons, then they will not have any negative effect on learning? In fact listening to music can be a positive activity in many ways including the key too learning, concentration also relaxation and time to think. I understand that it would inappropriate for you to not have any restrictions on this, but surely during break and lunch can only be beneficial to students learning. As well as this, during independent learning it would help us greatly to not be distracted by other pupils and concentrate on the tasks set to us by you. To summarize, there would be a huge benefit to the school by altering this rule. Immediately, pupils' concentration would be better and staff would not have to waste their time telling pupils off and confiscating mobiles, iPods and Mp3 players. ...read more.


For instance, bulling is already a huge issue for schools, the no make-up rule has been proven to increase the number of bullying victims. Pupils are more likely to pick up on imperfections and insecurities of others therefore resulting in pupils taking more 'sick days' and 'bunking' lessons. Consequently, this would effect the schools reputation for consistently good grades. Further more there will be a loss of confidence which means there will be a loss of involvement in school lessons. Pupils would also feel heavily judged by others. Pride and appearance is a big part of a teenage girls life especially in front of piers. I do understand why this rule is in place although I am sure you will take my point into consideration. And hopefully you will compromise and perhaps allow make-up on selected days or say that it is allowed but not to be put on during school hours so it doesn't affect the learning of pupils. I really home that you will seriously consider altering or discarding some rules I have pointed out, and I look forward to hearing your comments. Yours sincerely, HANNAH BENNETT WORDS - 994 ...read more.

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