Persuasive speech

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We are in this room today, as children, to reflect on a sad truth. We have, today, been to several classes. Indeed,  this is our weekly routine: school. Many of you dislike school  but have you ever considered how lucky you are ?

For instance, many children around the world are not as privileged as we are. According to the UNICEF, an estimated 250 million children in the world are in  regular employment or as it is commonly referred to, suffer from the worst form of child labour

At the moment, at the very same time as you and I are in this classroom, children in Soudan are working in coal mines are crawling in  small tunnels which could collapse at any moment, causing death or serious injuries to the young miners.

Join now!

At the moment, girls in India are making bricks in the 40 degrees heat for house and are carrying them on their backs for up to as 10 miles to their destination.

 Also, at this same moment, children in Thailand are working in factories doing the same repetitive and tedious job all day long while dreaming of having the privilege to be educated.

We are here today to fight against the worst form of child labour.

Our opposite party might say that the role of children in child labour is essential to a family's economy. Many people in favor of ...

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