Persuasive Writing

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Buckingham Palace                                                             7 Bridge Street

London                                                                                      Sutton

SW1A 2AA                                                                              Surrey

                                                                                 SM8 4XX

                                                                        14th December 1952

To Your Majesty, the Queen

I am writing to you about the awful miscarriage of justice toward the teenager Derek Bentley. I am in no doubt that a gracious ruler such as your self would not stand for such inhumanity and have no joy in putting a boy with so much left to achieve in life to death. I am sure that you have heard how Derek was found guilty of murder, along with his friend Christopher Craig. We all know that murder is wrong, but Derek did not commit murder.

Derek Bentley suffered a tragic accident when he was a young boy, leaving him cursed with epilepsy and a poor mental age. He was sent out of school early, as he could not keep up with the other keep up with the other children. This caused his parents to worry about his future, wouldn't you?

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Derek obviously was very unconfident with himself; suffering from a low self esteem, extreme self-criticism and little respect for himself. He had spent the majority of life inside; away from social situations, therefore never receiving the social skills required for a boy his age. Craig was his first 'real' friend. However, Derek being the kind, sweet, loving boys he is naively let himself into a world where people would not respect someone with an illness like Derek's disease.

Craig revealed to Derek, a world where violence is one of the only ways to get entertainment and attention. Derek would spend ...

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