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Pip's diary

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It's Christmas day on which me and Joe attended a church ceremony, whilst Mrs. Joe stayed at home to prepare for guests. When we returned home from the church ceremony Mr. Wopsle, Mr. Pumblechook and Mr and Mrs. Hubble joined us for dinner. Through-out the dinner, Mrs. Joe tried her hardest to impress our guests however I wasn't paying attention, all I could think about was the convict and how guilty I have actually felt, especially when Mrs. Joe's asked me questions like, 'They seemed to think the opportunity lost, if they failed to point the conversation at me, every now and then, and stick the point into me'. ...read more.


Although he sympathies with me, he shows he is too modest to express it so gives me more gravy. By the end of the dinner my guilt continued to grow, and honestly I was expecting the worst punishment when Mrs. Joe suddenly announced that there would be pork pie for desert. Pork pie, which we did not have. However a group of soldiers, who were supposedly sent by the King, have arrived at my house and they were looking for a blacksmith. ...read more.


At last we found the pair of convicts fighting in a ditch on the marshes. From the start I have thought they were friends but it didn't seem like a friendly fight at all. To my surprise both of the convicts where arrested and taken back onto the prison ship. I was hopeless when suddenly my convict gave me a short, cold hearted look but surprised me when he confessed to stealing a pie from Joe so that I would not get into trouble. I was more than surprised or shocked. Everything that I have felt towards the convict didn't matter any more, I knew now he was good at heart. I wonder if Mrs. Joe is. ...read more.

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