POEM - Love in Vain

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Love in Vain

When I first laid my eyes on her, I thought I

May never see again: she emitted

 Such a blinding light from her appearance

 A mastermind criminal she was to

 Steal the stars and trap them in her eyes which

 Left the earth in a starless blanket.

 A glance towards her would leave memories

 Worth remembering forgotten I was

 Swallowed by her heavenly features which

Join now!

 With ease would take you. The red painted sky

At sunset was reflected in her cheeks

And the crimson of rage locked in her lips.

She was the food on my plate and the drink

In my glass, the water in the lake and

The pump of my blood. She was the scent of

A flower, the fire in a furnace, the

Glow of a light, the words in a poem

She was everything and all revolved

Around her. Lavishly sweet was the taste ...

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