Poetry coursework- Simon Armitage explore how both men are presented in Simon Amitages poem(TM) and his untitled poem

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Poetry coursework- Simon Armitage explore how both men are presented in Simon Amitages ‘poem’ and his untitled poem  

I will be evaluating and studying two poems named ‘Poem’ and ‘Untitled’. In the poem, which is called ‘Poem’, we observe a man committing good and also bad deeds. We also make out the same theme in the untitled poem but just concentrating on one bad deed that he had committed in is life.

Within ‘Poem’ we see that the man has committed three terrible deeds. He had first slippered his daughter for lying, secondly he had had punched his wife for laughing, thirdly he had twice taken ‘ten quid’ from his mother’s purse when he was little. There is also a rhythm that goes until the last stanza as it goes good, good, good, bad this carries on until the fourth stanza.

“And once, for laughing, punched her in the face.” (Line 8)

We see that punching your wife is the worst thing that you could ever do in your life, we also notice that the word ‘once’ has played a repetition in this poem .By the word ‘once’ this tells us that once he has done something dreadful to some one, they do not happen to do the same mistake again and also it shows that he only did it once not twice.

In the poem, which is identified as ‘Untitled’, we see a straightforward poem in which a young boy tries to proclaim his love for a girl by branding a ring mark on her fingers in a chemistry lab. He could not express his true and meaningful feelings for this girl but found this was the only way to show his emotions, even though it meant hurting her. His words that define his hidden meaning of love all build up to the best moment as to how he eventually lets this girl know how he feels.

“Marked the doctor said, for eternity” (10-11)

We understand at the age of thirteen that was the only understanding he had had for putting a marriage ring on the one he loves. We also see that his body was at the age at puberty and also his hormones were all around his body shooting from one way to anther. We also empathize that this is hideous thing that anyone could have done to someone, as it was a painful way of accepting a marriage ring.

In 'Poem' we see a man doing good deeds but then being put down by the bad deeds he had devoted. This poem comes across as though he is being remembered, like at his funeral or a memorial service. It is read as if a close friend or relative was reading it, the use of informal colloquialism suggests this too, 'ten quid', and it is clearly detailed and described something that not many people could know unless they were close, 'twice he lifted ten quid from her purse'. They clearly show likewise, that they, or someone else, are summing up the events in their life, which are to do with relationships. 'Untitled' is to do with love for a partner, and 'Poem' is to do with love but in a more immature way.

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They both show fears about what happened in the past within their relationships. Even though the relationships are based on different types of love, for example the love for a boyfriend or girlfriend is different; they are still relationships, which are what both the poems focus on. The use of symbolism in 'Untitled' using the 'Bunsen burner' to brand the skin, represent the wedding ring, 'which you couldn't shake off', because of course, you are not supposed to, for the reason that when you get married you are supposed to be together 'for eternity'. This use of symbolism builds up ...

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