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Porphyria's Lover Diary Entry.

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English Poetry Coursework Porphyria's Lover- Diary Entry: Dear Diary, Today I saw my lovely Porphyria, but it was different than any other normal today. Normally Porphyria and me would cuddle up by the fire and talk about things and whisper sweet things to each. We would just stay like this all night and I would be the happiest person in the world. My Porphyria and me were the perfect couple, we loved each other so very much, maybe a bit too much. This night though things were different she seemed to have something on her mind, she's been like it for a couple of weeks but tonight it seemed stronger and confirmed my thoughts, there was another man. ...read more.


She thought I was just being playful and bent her neck to make it fit easy round there. After the third time I pulled hard on the end, she made no noise and looked at me straight in the eye as if she was expecting what had just happened. When she was looking at me it was in such a way as if she was saying, "sorry for cheating, my dear, please keep going, I deserve this". When she passed away I just held her all night and thought to myself "my dear Porphyria, why did you do it, we could have been perfect forever". Duke of Ferrara- Diary Entry: Dear Diary, Today was the day; the job has been carried out, my wife, murdered. ...read more.


So I had her killed, but I realized before I killed her that I would miss her beauty so much that I couldn't have it done. So I devised an ingenious plan to have her painted the day before I kill her, this way I will preserve that beauty forever and it will never fade and also I will no longer have to put up with her, as she does annoy me so very much. I feel no shame in what I am doing, she deserves everything she got as she was not loyal to me and was a traitor. It will benefit everyone if she is no longer about, sure some of the young men will miss her, but if I could I would have them all killed as well for flirting with my wife, but that is a bit too extreme and will just have to forget about them. ...read more.

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