Presentation - to what extent was the revolution planned

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John Saunders and Michael Shepherd (11R)

Presentation – Animal Farm.

JS:        In this presentation, we will talk about how Napoleon planned his take-over, and how he seized opportunities that he had. We will also explain how important these points are, and why.


MS:        Planned – Napoleon trained the puppies, so that he could later intimidate the other animals with them. Although it was opportunistic that the puppies were born, he purposely trained them throughout the rebellion, so that he could rule by force, if or when he took power from Snowball. This was important, because if Napoleon didn’t have a line of defence, then he would have been likely to be overthrown before he got into absolute power (at the end of the book), because of what he was doing to the other animals.

JS:        Napoleon kept putting the blame on Snowball, so that it was shifted from himself (he was demonised). Whenever things went wrong later in the book, Snowball was to blame. This was so that they had a ‘scape-goat’, so that if anything were done, they would soon dismiss the fact that the main problems were often because it was Napoleon who changed or bent the rules. For example, Squealer said on behalf of Napoleon: “The resolution against engaging in trade and using money had never been passed. It was pure imagination, probably traceable in the beginning to lies circulated by Snowball, “ when in fact, it was Napoleon who wanted to sell the animals’ produce for materials to build the windmill.

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MS:        The pigs created a hierarchy, by making themselves more intelligent than their peers (they learnt to read a lot better than the others), meaning that they could manipulate the other animals easily. Because of this, the others wouldn’t have any proof that the Napoleon had changed the commandments, or that the commandments read any differently than to what they thought it said. This gave Napoleon the will to do anything that could break the commandments, which was important so that he could make himself seem more important than the others (for example, he slept on a bed and drank alcohol).


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