Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice

The book pride and prejudice begins with an aphorism about marriage, which shows us that marriage had a lot of importance back when she was writing her book. Jane Austen’s view on marriage is that in the right circumstances it is a wonderful thing and that everyone should be happy in a marriage, however if they do not fit the quote she has given, then it is not worth getting married.

Jane Austen never married; her quote was ideally a fantasy on what she thought a good marriage would be and maybe what she hoped she would find in a man. She was a victim of the system of marriage and social status so her books are based around this system. She was a victim because she turned down the chance to marry after originally accepting the proposal. She then became a social out cast and could never marry again. She obviously felt very bitter about this and decided to view this in the books she wrote.

One couple, which fit Jane Austen’s quote perfectly, are Elizabeth and Darcy. However their relationship did not start out very well and were very critical of each other. The first signs of this are when Elizabeth criticizes Mr Darcy’s pride and how he is very confident, she says “and I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.” The tone of this quote is very critical and has no room for her to forgive Mr Darcy. When she uses the word mortified this shows us that she is not just upset by his criticism but she cannot forgive it as it has left a huge mark on his character. When she uses the word easily, this shows us that she can easily forgive him if he had shown the right attitude and acceptance. This shows us that Elizabeth thinks he is too confident and if he had of been kinder maybe Elizabeth would have liked him form the start and they would not of had to go through all the awkward times which followed them later in the story. Later on in the story Darcy begins to fall in love with Elizabeth and then makes excuses to hide his feelings. This is shown when he stares at her after she leaves Mr Bingley’s and when is asked on her feelings for Elizabeth he replies criticizing her and then changes the subject. After a while they do begin to fall in love and it becomes clearer that Darcy is in love with her more then she is. This is shown in the text when it says, “Was a very long time since he had the pleasure of seeing her.” This shows us that he falls in love with her very quickly and that she likes the pleasure of seeing her. It also shows us that he cannot stand being away from her for a long time and when he does see her, he has great pleasure in doing so. However Elizabeth soon falls in love with Darcy quickly after seeing Pemberly when she says, “to be mistress of Pemberly won’t be too bad at all.” This shows us that Darcy has slowly began to show his more admiring parts and what a man he can truly be and by seeing Pemberly it makes her fall in love with him more and she cannot bare to be with anyone else but him.

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 In light of Jane Austen’s quote, they do have a love match and have grown to love each other in the time they have got to know each other. Darcy has a good fortune and they have financial security. Their characters are very different which will help them as they will not get bored of each other and will always have something to talk about. Elizabeth and Darcy is a good couple and in Jane Austen’s quote they fit it perfectly. This marriage is a big step forward for Elizabeth as this moves her up the social status ladder, which ...

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