Proctors faults and his traits that effect the narrative of the Play

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Crucible Essay

How does Miller's characterisation of John Proctor add to the drama and tragedy of The Crucible?

In a new puritan town of Salem-1692, a group of girls are caught dancing in darkness, accused of witchcraft and treachery they sculpt and mislead the town to anarchy in attempt to escape the consequences. The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller, written during the McCarthy era of 1950, it parallels the time in which the play was set and in which it was written. John Proctor, it's main but flawed character adds to the play dramatic element and it's tragic outline, the question of why Miller picked to centre his play upon Proctor rather Corey or Nurse, who endure the similar fate, is complex and layered. The destined reality of the play is the ending at when the characters of Proctor, Corey and Nurse are hanged with the charge of consorting with the devil. The

Crucible deals with many struggles faced by the common men and women in the 1950's manly the "witch trials" executed by Senator Joseph McCarthy to remove any communist spies and the remain true to the "American Dream". The inspiration of the play could be the apparent accusation of Miller during those trials and it's parallels to Proctor.

Miller picked Proctor to add Tragedy and drama to the play, his mysterious and unpredictable manner keeps the audiences involved and guessing. Nurse was another option, but she, however, is predictable and we expect her to die for her god and that wouldn't add to the drama and tragedy when the lever is pulled. Corey, another option available to Miller but the fiery old law suite would rather die then betray his morals and goes out with the words "more weight" (a form of punishment, slowly constrict breathing by placing weights upon the chest).
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Proctor is the plays tragic hero. Honest, prideful and flawed. Proctor is a munificent man, but with one flaw. His lust for Abigail Williams, (who he beds in the proper place, with his animals), this creates jealousy in Abigail towards Proctors wife Elizabeth. Proctor is aware that he can stop this uncontrollable hysteria in the town if he confesses to the courts, however this would mean for him to sacrifice his pride and sense of name, and therefore is his Hamartia in a sense. This Greek interpretation of the tragic hero's fatal flaw, mentioned by Aristotle in his ...

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