Produce a written study of 'Edward Scissorhands' examining how the director, Tim Burton blends different genres to create a suburban fantasy.

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Produce a written study of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ examining how the director, Tim Burton blends different genres to create a suburban fantasy.

In the film Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton creates a suburban fantasy by explaining his interpretation of what it is like to live in a suburb. The definition of suburb is living in the outskirts of a town and having limited interests and narrow minded views.

Tim Burton creates suburbia and practically makes a parody of the suburb where the family live. The women typify the definition of a suburban housewife; they stay at home, clean and cook. They are always on each others doorsteps trying to get the latest gossip and they always know what everyone is up too. Tim Burton mixes this with his imagination making it a suburban fantasy. He does this by creating Edward and the dark castle where he stays. This is just one example of the many different genres that Tim Burton uses for instance: Horror, comedy and romance. Examples of horror in the film are the castle where Edward lives, Tim Burton has made it look really old, dirty, haunted and derelict from the outside but you associate dark haunted castles with horror films. Tim Burton creates comedy by making a joke of the fact that Edwards’s hands are scissors he does this when Edward pops the water bed whilst trying to get out. Tim Burton also creates romance where Edward falls in love with Kim.

Tim Burton has a particular directing style that appears to show in his other films such as: Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks, Ed Wood, Big Fish, Planet of the Apes, Batman and Sleepy Hollow. I viewed Beetlejuice and compared the genre, setting, plot and characters with Edward Scissorhands. Tim Burton borrows ideas from his other films for instance; he likes to use the same actors or actresses for the main characters:

E.g. Jonny Depp plays Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood he is also in some other Tim Burton Films like Sleepy Hollow. Michael Keaton plays Beetlejuice and Batman but is also in other Tim Burton Films. Winona Ryder plays Kim in Edward Scissorhands and the little girl in Beetlejuice she has also played different parts in other Tim Burton films one of them was Mars Attacks. Tim Burton uses the same actors because he has worked with them before and knows if they can do it he also knows that he could rely on them.

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In Edward Scissorhands there is a typical stereotype castle where Edward was created, in contrast with the house in Beetlejuice where the couple that lived there died and now haunt it, so it’s the same idea and I think that Tim Burton Is trying to say to the audience that these big houses are haunted and things do lurk around in the night. Why he has the same idea twice could be because he wants to get his point across in different ways so that people will see his views and take notice of them I think he is trying ...

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