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Qualities of a best friend

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A friend is someone who we enjoy spending time with. Everyone in the world should have friends because friendship is important for the emotional well-being of humans. Our need for social interaction and interdependent relationships is a survival instinct passed down through our genes. However, there is a certain kind of friendship that can never beat a normal one. This person that holds a special kind of friendship with you, is normally defined as our best friend. Friends are easy to find, however, a best friend is much harder to find. Best friends are one of the most important relationships that you will ever have. They have a very positive impact on our lives and help shape who we are. A best friend will always be with us, no matter what happens. A best friend keeps us company; therefore, we would never be alone in this huge world. There are certain qualities that make a friend a best friend. What are these qualities? It does not depend on how pretty she or he is, nor does it depend on his or her wealth. ...read more.


By this, it means that the person will recognize all of our behaviours, fears, let alone our favourites. It will also mean that she will know what is best for you. Furthermore, when a person understands us, she or he knows when we feel sad and thus, she will lend his shoulder to us. A best friend accepts the way you are, she knows your flaws and is willing to accept it. In addition, we can express our feelings and you can be sure that she will really listen to us. She too will help us in times of our needs. If you are having problems, she would offer help and encouragement. Best friends cheer each other on over reaching goals, overcoming challenges and whatever else. On the other hand, if she is not understanding, she will ignore us and will not help us with our problems. Honesty and trust are other qualities that a best friend should have. These are two important traits that help us to earn the respect of a friend. ...read more.


The last important quality of a best friend is forgiveness. Forgiveness can help friends overcome disagreements or fights and allow us to work out our differences. When friends are able to forgive one another and resolve misunderstandings or disagreements, it can make a friendship stronger. The ability to forgive helps smooth out rough spots and encourages others to forget as well. We have all experienced friends taking advantage of us or treating us badly. However, when this happens again and again, it shows a lack of care and compassion. It comes to a point to think whether it is necessary to evaluate the sincerity of a friend and ask yourself whether she or he is a true friend. In a nut shell, understanding, caring, honesty, trust and forgiveness are the four important qualities that a best friend needs to have. They earn the respect of our best friend. Listening to a friend's point of view helps us to understand them and show them that they are important. Forgiveness eliminates the need to be right and places the value of the friendship first. Respect builds a foundation for a friendship that can last a lifetime. ...read more.

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