Racketeer - English Language creative writing

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Draft 1

My head is spinning. All these thoughts and emotions rushing though my head. Will I actually get out of here?

The FEDs are talking to me, but nothing is going in. I’m trying to keep my lawyer face on, serious but calm.

The penny drops. I’m pulled out of my emotions and thoughts. I hear “I guess under the right circumstances, a man would do anything”. I’m confused, wondering if they had directed that at me. I feel something inside me shift, my mood is palpable in the room and I know they feel it. These thoughts, they won’t let me be.  They penetrate my mind, rushing around like gas particles whizzing around a box.

Am I getting out of here?

Are they playing me?

What have I gotten myself into?

But I know, if there was a chance to get out of this hell hole, wouldn’t I take it? Westlake quickly changes the subject, now he has my complete focus. I just want this to end.

Join now!

“What are your terms?” he demands.

My thinking head shifts into gear. I have thought about this question for years, so I have experience of what I want and how to play the answer. I have to be clever and not to let my emotions get the better of me. I lay out my terms in a smooth but consistent manner, spelling it out slowly and watching for a flicker of recognition or glimmer of motion from their stone like faces.

Their faces change instantly, some of them laughing. I smile back, demonstrating that my demands were no ...

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