"Reality TV shows are degrading and should be banned."

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“Reality TV shows are degrading and should be banned.”


          What is reality TV?  Reality TV is something that goes on in our daily lives.  There are a few different types of reality TV for example Observational programmes, the likes of Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island.

There is another type, which is called semi-educational that include programmes that supposedly changes your lifestyle with programmes called, “What not to Wear” and “The Swan.”

          Most years’ 14,000 people apply to be on the show “Big Brother” or let’s practically humiliate them on national TV.  Maybe it’s all about the fame and money I don’t know.  But would you like people watching your every move?  It’s a total invasion of privacy.  You see people going to toilets, taking showers and even watch people sleeping!  If people find this amusing then what is the world coming too?  I don’t know how the viewers find watching people backstab, bully and use bad language good television.  For instance in the last episode of Big Brother we witnessed racial attacks from the likes of Jade Goody who was made famous by this show.  But now with her recent behaviour she is known globally for attack on to a fellow house member.  People say, “The show that made her, destroyed her.”

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          However there is another type of reality TV show like The Swan, which is a makeover show that, undertakes serious plastic on national TV.  They say that they take women who are ‘stuck in a rut’ and revitalize them by restoring them their beauty and confidence through incredible physical, mental and emotional transformations.  The show consists of 18 contestants who are assigned a team of specialists who will then work together to design the perfect individually tailored regime.  

          Anyone in the right mind would not go on a ...

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