Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice comparison of extracts.

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In pride and prejudice extract 3, we see the struggle of what Mrs Bennet is going through when Elizabeth rejects Mr Collins when she says ‘’nobody can tell what I suffer’. Mrs Bennet daughters have always been a burden on her as she feels like it was her job to get them married. However, they should really be a burden on Mr Bennet as he is the man of the house. This is different to Romeo and Juliet as Lady Capulet is more like Mr Bennet; who let’s Lord Caplet take control as she realises that he knows what is best for Juliet.  Lord Capulet and Mrs Bennet take the lead role in the house, and takes it their hands to get their daughters married. Moreover, we seem to notice that she has a lot of broken sentences in this extract. This is because some part of her is worried because Mr Bennet is the person who needs to talk/ argue but he lets it all happen because he knows how useless and inconsiderate Mrs Bennet is. Additionally, the word ‘’nobody’’ suggests that she hasn’t really got anyone to almost back her up in situations like this. Mr Bennet is always the one who agrees with his daughters and like the readers; thinks she is incredibly absurd. The word ‘’I’’, shows again how she is exceedingly egotistical, as she only ever seems to think about is herself and how she is feeling and also almost feels sorry for herself and what she has to deal with from Elizabeth. Austen tries to show readers that Elizabeth was a character of self-belief and always did what she thought was right, not only for her family but for herself. This caused a lot of disagreements and arguments between Elizabeth and Mrs Bennet which is the reason they don’t share a valuing relationship.

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In Romeo and Juliet extract 3, this is the scene where Lady Capulet insists Juliet on marrying Paris and is speaking positive about marriage to Juliet and is persuading her to marry. Lady Capulet says ‘’shall happily make thee there a joyful bride’’. Lady Capulet and Juliet’s relationship is dominated by the wishes of Juliet’s father. So therefore in this scene Lady Capulet is trying her best to advise Juliet that marriage would be the best thing for her. Lady Capulet thinks that this would be that marrying Paris would be the best for Juliet, as in this era ...

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