Romeo and Juliet - the characters and the effect of Act 1 Scene 5

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Zakariya Mohammed

‘Romeo and Juliet’

‘Romeo and Juliet’ the play is about two young people who are madly in love, but sadly they cannot be with one another because their families are enemies with each other. Romeo and Juliet the lovers try to keep there love hidden, but not everything goes to plan. The film is about romance at the same time hatred.

In act 1 scene 5, there is a party at Capulet’s house, which everyone is invited to. This is the scene when Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time and they find out that there each other enemy (Montague’s and Capulet’s.) Romeo and Juliet keep it hidden that they are in love. At the end of the play the two lovers end up dying.

I am going to talk about the main characters and what kind of character they are. I will be talking about how the audience will be feeling about each character. This is how they are at the start of the play.  

Tybalt is apart of the Capulet family; he is Juliet’s cousin. Tybalt is a cold-hearted character. In the opening scene when he fights with Benvolio (Romeo’s friend) he says, “Turn thee Benvolio, look upon thy death.” The word ‘death’ shows he is violent and he is already thinking about death and how he wants Benvolio dead. The audience will feel worried about this because they know something is going to happen later on in the play, because Tybalt is so violent and we know he is not going to change.

Tybalt is very powerful because he hits Benvolio and says, “ Have at thee coward.” This is showing that Tybalt is powerful and does not like anything that gets in his way. Now the audience has seen Tybalt true colours and what he can do, they will be thinking what will he do next.

Another part of Tybalt character is that he is very insulting. Tybalt says “Peace? I hate the word!” This shows that all he likes is the opposite, which is violence. It shows he hates the word ‘peace’ and that he wants nothing to do with it. When the audience hear what her has to say about peace, they may think Tybalt is troubled and not normal. They will feel scared for the other characters in the play who are Montague’s because if he is violent and he hates peace, who knows what he is capable of.

Romeo is one of the main characters in the play he is apart of the Montague family. At the start of the play Romeo is lonely and sad. This is due to a girl called Rosaline he loved her but she never loved him back. He says to himself “Iy me sad hours seem lony.” This shows that he is lonely and he thinks the time is going slow. The audience may feel sorry for Romeo because Rosaline never loved him and he got rejected. They may also feel that Romeo is a boring character. Romeo talks a lot about himself, which can be boring for the people who are watching the play. Romeo is in contrast with Tybalt because Romeo is clearly a man of words and Tybalt is surely a man of action. Romeo and Tybalt are completely two different characters and do not have much in common.

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Furthermore Romeo in the opening scene is very confused he says “ O heavy lightness.” This is due to Rosaline. This shows that he is confused and not thinking straight because what is he trying to say, the words ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ are completely opposites and cannot mean the same thing. When Romeo says this he is thinking about him and Rosaline, he is trying to mix love and hate. The viewers will not think much of Romeo at this point they will think he is just boring and confused. Romeo uses a lot of oxymoron he says “Bright ...

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