Romeo's letter to his father - Romeo and Juliet.

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Dear Father,

                 As you read my last words to yourself I am lying dead not because of a sword wound but because of a broken heart. Confusion and puzzle must be swarming through your head like a beehive but as you come to the last word of this letter you should hopefully understand and forgive me.

        I received an invitation that invited me to my only foes mansion but I met my only true love there. Rosaline was the one that I thought had my heart but my thoughts were deceived and my eyes saw the truth. As I gazed through my mask I saw her. I asked myself ‘Did my heart love till now?’ only about a quarter of an hour later I knew the answer to this question. I asked for a kiss and was denied at first. When going to kiss I said thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged. Our lips touched and my heart throbbed I pleaded ‘Give me my sin again.’ As I requested she did.

        A women interrupted our moment and told Juliet that her ‘mother craves a word’ with her. ‘What is her mother?’ I asked with curiosity and the answer that I got was like a sharp pain through my heart. A Capulet I asked myself how can this be? ‘my life is my foe’s debt’

        A Capulet or not I had to go and see my lady again and see I did. She appeared at her balcony. She gazed into the star night as I looked into her eyes ‘Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,’ I fell more in love. She spoke ‘Ay me!’ I muttered to myself ‘O speak again, bright angel,’ Then she spoke of me ‘O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? The next words she spoke would seal my fate, ‘Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.’ Against your will and mother’s will and also our families will I agreed in my head that I should make not this just a dream to Juliet but reality.

        We talked about our love for each other like two kids we complimented each other and described our feelings  

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and with a love throbbing heart and mind I began my departure. A sensation that I had never felt before began to over come me. Rosaline was special but Juliet was even more so. After only knowing her for that one night I began to feel that we were meant for each and unfortunately at that stage I predicted that nothing could stand in our way not even fate.

        The next morning I visited friar Lawrence and announced how felt towards Juliet and that she also felt the same. ‘Our Romeo hath not been in bed tonight’ he accused me ...

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This piece shows a good understanding of Romeo and the events that occur in the play. The language is generally good, although at times it is a little predictable and cliched so try to aim for a more individual style. 4 stars