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Room 101

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Room 101 English coursework If I had the choice to banish some of my worst nightmares into the depths of room 101 they would be the following...... The four things I would like to banish forever are people who say that winning the lottery wont change their lives, chewing gum, snobbish people who see their selves as higher class citizens, tv programmes that suddenly get interesting, but moments later........to be continued ! and the 'NEXT SALE'. Firstly, the lucky enough winners of the lottery or some other multi million pounds prize should be banished. In particular the ones who say that it "wont change their lives" or "its not that much anyway". People would sacrifice everything for that sort of money, people like us who are jealous of their new and improved lifestyles. Of course it will change their lives, they can give up their work and live off the interest they earn, this while travelling around the world on a five star luxurious cruise !. ...read more.


Usually they have a good sum of money, and they look down at families who live on income support, single parents and people who have dead end jobs at the minimum wage. A great example of these sort of people is Ann Robinson. Ann Robinson presents the "Weakest link" and in it she seems to talk a load of rubbish !. She seems to go on about rubbish that no one seems to want to listen to. Another reason im against Ann Robinson is her hate towards Welsh people. For some stupid reason she believes shes a better person for being English, how can she back her self up on that one ?. She must be banished !. Lastly im sure you've been watching a soap or a televison series that begins to interest you then moments later you attack the televison as you read "to be continued" or "next time on the......". ...read more.


They must believe that its going to change their lives, or that the clothes are all free !. As they are queing up in the cold at 6am, the bosses of the shops are laughing to the bank. Not only the 'Next Sale', but another true fact envolving shoppers is that the 'IKEA' catalogue is the most printed book in the whole of Britain. Over the past few years, shopping has grown and grown on people, with more people going to extreme measures to buy one or two things !. And I believe that these sad shopperholics should be banished to room 101 to learn how to live a normal life !. There are many more thing that id like to banish into the faraway depths of room 101 for example football players estreme wages, people who attract seagulls by feeding them daily and cyclists who think their racing in the "tour de France" wearing fluorescent yellow tops and tight cycling clothing, who do they think they are ?. The world woulb be a much better place with some banishments to the room 101. ...read more.

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