Room 101 English coursework

If I had the choice to banish some of my worst nightmares into the depths of room 101 they would be the following……

The four things I would like to banish forever are people who say that winning the lottery wont change their lives, chewing gum, snobbish people who see their selves as higher class citizens, tv programmes that suddenly get interesting, but moments later…… be continued ! and the ‘NEXT SALE’.

                      Firstly, the lucky enough winners of the lottery or some other multi million pounds prize should be banished. In particular the ones who say that it “wont change their lives” or “its not that much anyway”. People would sacrifice everything for that sort of money, people like us who are jealous of their new and improved lifestyles. Of course it will change their lives, they can give up their work and live off the interest they earn, this while travelling around the world on a five star luxurious cruise !.

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                      One of the worst things you can do is scrape chewing gum off the bottom of your shoe !. Although it can be good to chew on, it has its disadvantages. Firstly, its disgusting the amount of gum that is thrown on the floor, especially in public and busy streets. Not only having to horribly scrape it off your shoes, it’s the way people speak whilst chewing gum reepetidly. It’s a bit dissrespectfull of those who chew with their mouths open spiting around !. I believe it would be ...

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