Rugby Match

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I will always remember the day my life changed. Do you know what it is like to have your enemy standing 10 inches to your right of you? These brutes are willing to give their lives to stop us from succeeding in our cause. Standing , shoulder to shoulder with my fellow warriors, I was nervous. We were Warriors fighting for our countries pride, honour and glory. I felt the weight of millions of people’s expectations; I was under pressure. The pressure was an excruciatingly heavy weight to bear ,however, it seemed to squeeze confidence out of every pore in my body. This was the only thing we thirty men had in common , that and our love for rugby, the sport born out of the ashes of football.  The crowed roared and screamed as thirty men walked on to the field where the battle would commence.

As the New Zealand kicker stepped up to the halfway line, the crowds excitement was palpable. The dedicated crowd knew that ,after the next eighty minutes, there would be a victorious team on the pitch. But the crowd also knew a loser was inevitable! The losing side would never taste the glory nor would they feel the joyous pride of being World Champions.  This thought suddenly filled my heart with terror but I was on that pitch to win.  The crowd needed to support their team. They needed to drive their team to victory.  

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Simultaneously, the  referee checks his watch and blows the whistle. On cue, the maori fly half rockets the ball into the sky.  Time slows as the  rugby ball arcs through the air, soaring towards me. 

“Nick’s ball !“ 

I leaped to grasp the ball from out of its parabola , however , I jumped too early. It landed one metre in front of me, into the hands of a six foot towering titan. He caught it! Running at full speed, he powered through our defence. Eyes fixated on the try line , with samson like power, he shrugged off all ...

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