School uniform should be banned

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  • Banning school uniform allows a freedom of expression. Also it makes you feel more comfortable and showing your personality is a confidence booster and makes you feel good for who you are.

  • Enforcing uniform is a massive distraction for the teachers. A great deal of effort has to be put into enforcing the uniform regulations and this effort would be better put into enforcing good standards of behaviour to raise standards of teaching and learning.

  • School uniforms should be abolished because they are impractical for modern-day society. For many years, school uniforms have been worn by students in schools throughout the world. The problem of wearing school uniforms is that most school parents waste a lot of money purchasing them. Children of school age tend to grow very fast; this results in having to constantly replace uniforms.
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  • Additionally, the fabric used to make the uniforms can become quite uncomfortable and affect classroom concentration. School uniforms are not used as often as casual clothes in times like weekends, holidays and formal situations.

  • One of the major causes of money wasting is from the purchasing of school uniforms. Uniforms cost a lot because the majority of parents have to buy a set of winter, summer and sport uniforms for their children. They also waste money when children grow older, thus making them have to buy new sets of uniforms every so often. In some cases, ...

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