Should Abortion be banned?

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Becky Menzies

Discursive Essay
September ‘08

Should abortion be banned?

Abortion is the termination of a foetus when it is still in the womb, carried out before twenty four weeks of the pregnancy, although the majority of clinics will not accept patients after the eighteen to twenty week stage.  It is currently legal in most parts of the world, and many believe it should stay legal. They believe that a woman should be in control, and should have the right to choose if she wants a baby or not. On the other hand, there are also many people who believe that abortion is wrong and that a woman should not have the right to kill another human being even if it is not yet born.  

The main methods of abortion are the abortion pill, a surgical termination or a medical termination.  The pill is for pregnancies up to nine weeks old and involves taking two drugs forty eight hours apart; this tends to be the most painful way to abort a child.  A surgical termination can be performed up to thirteen weeks and may be performed under local or general anesthetic.  Most women will then leave hospital on the same day.  From fourteen to nineteen weeks the technique is slightly different in that it is known as a surgical dilation and evacuation.  A medical termination can be performed up to twenty four weeks (six months). This involves giving the patient a course of two different types of medicine. The first medicine is taken at the hospital or clinic, with the woman returning forty eight hours later. She will then be given a second medicine.  The termination usually occurs within twelve hours of this when the woman then will give birth to the foetus. Surgical termination is also available at the twenty to twenty four week stage although this is more complicated and requires a two-stage process. The first stage involves stopping the heart of the foetus and softening the neck of the womb, and the second stage occurs the next day by surgical evacuation.  To get an abortion, you have to prove to two doctors that it presents a threat to your physical or mental health, poses a risk to your life, or that the foetus has serious abnormalities. Only if the two doctors agree, then can you have an abortion.

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I believe, that although the decision will always remain in the hands of the mother, if the child’s life can be saved, then it should be, whether the child will stay with the biological parents or be put up for adoption.  

Many think that abortion should be banned for a number of reasons, the first one being that they believe life starts at the moment of conception, and therefore they class abortion as murder, as it is still another human being.  There has been a large amount of research into the time a baby can feel pain, ...

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