Should Students Leave For Boarding School at a Young Age?

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Should Students Leave For Boarding School at a Young Age?

Leaving home at any age can be a traumatic experience. Imagine embarking on such an exodus at an early age! Numerous students in Asia are sent to Boarding Schools in foreign countries at the age of fourteen. Are their parents really setting them up for a positive future? First of all, while living and studying in a westernized country students from Asia will lose their Chinese language skills to some degree. Secondly, anxiety resulting from early separation from family can have serious consequences on a student’s overall development. Moreover, too much freedom, too soon can cause unexpected problems. Finally, confusion can result in a lack of identity in later years. Therefore, sending students to boarding school at a young age is a poor choice that can result in serious developmental and social issues.

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English is important, but Chinese is equally critical for the future and should be mastered at an advanced level. In years to come, Mandarin will be critical, since there is a massive shift to Beijing and China and this trend will only grow bigger in the future. Those who are bilingual in English and Chinese will definitely have a serious advantage over those with only one spoken language. To leave Asia too early, before the main foundation of the home language is set, is a mistake since although students will rapidly pick up English they will plateau and even ...

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