Speech about Gaming PC's

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Gaming pc’s

What are gaming pcs, why are they called gaming and not just pcs, what are the differences between a normal pc and a gaming pc. Well it all starts from how the games are designed and created. Gaming pcs are the super powerful computers that hold expensive tech inside them such as a heavy power supply, a complex gaming mother board, and all the main components to support the pc such as the CPU, graphics, SSD and RAM. These components are crucial for gaming, so games are played in top quality and played smoothly. I will go through some components that support a gaming pc.

The CPU is the brain for the pc and a top CPU equals better speeds and more better features such as overclocking the CPU speeds or hyperthreading etc
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The Graphics Card is a must for new bestselling games. A graphic card has lots of processors that send data to one chip to another. These chips start to heat up, so a cooling fan is attached to these cards, so the chips stay cool and process at super speeds. If a game is played using an old graphics card, then the games starts to lag, and you don’t get smooth game play. This means the graphics card starts to go under pressure and it can’t handle all the data that is sent through the chips.


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