Split Second Decision.

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Split Second Decision

I have very strong memory of the summer holidays in India at the age of 16. We were staying at my grandparents’ house in Bombay. I still remember the whole event in the back of my head

It was very humid day probably the hottest day I have experienced, I remember it was around 35*c. Every one was frustrated because of the heat so my Dad decided to go out and do some shopping so every one agreed to go out apart from me as I was invited to play cricket with the other boys. I was very keen to go and play cricket because I have never played such game before in my life.

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So everyone left the house including me. I was playing cricket outside with other boy just a few yards form my grandparents house it was very difficult to understand the rules but as I played along with others I was getting to know the game and it was a very interesting game.

Then the batsman (boy) gave a very hard strike to ball and it ended up near to my grandparents’ house so I went to pick up the ball as I was approaching the house I heard the noise coming out the house next to my ...

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