Story with language analysis. Katie helped Eduardo down the stairs. He was such an old bear that a lot of his stuffing had come out,

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Katie woke up with a start. [a]She looked across at the bed next to her but her older sister, Megan, was fast asleep; Katie didn’t want to turn the light on. [b]It might wake up Meg and her parents then; she sat up in bed and looked about the room. The dim passage light was always left on at night and because the bedroom door wasn’t closed, she could see quite well in the dark room.[c]

Suddenly something moved amongst the stuffed animals that were arranged on the bedroom chair like an army[d]. Katie looked harder. [e]She saw the old teddy bear; Eduardo, struggled down from the chair and limped cautiously [f]across the carpet. Katie was not really surprised to see him moving like Paddington bear because she had always thought that Eduardo was a special bear, and different from the other stuffed animals- unique in its kind.[g]

He always looked as if he understood everything she was saying to him when they played together since she was a toddler. The plush bear [h]had belonged to her father, and before that, to her grandmother as it has been passed down from one generation to the next. [i]Originally, he had been called "Eduardo"” but when her father was little, he found it hard to say “Edgardo”, so he called his teddy “Eduardo”[j]. As Katie liked that name and thought the name really suited him considering that he was a cuddly, affectionate and adorable teddy bear[k].
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Katie leaned forward and whispered very quietly [l]to the bear, “Eduardo![m] Where are you going?” Eduardo stopped halfway drowsily to the bedroom door and followed her voice. “Katie – you should be asleep!” His voice was gentle and soft[n], thought Katie ponderously- just like a teddy bear’s voice should sound like.

“I was, but you woke me up. Can I go with you? Please?” Eduardo hesitated[o]. He didn’t really want to take the little girl with him, but neither did he want her to make a noise and wake the rest of the family. He sighed[p]. “Alright. ...

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